PHP: the good, the bad and the ugly?

Hello programmers, I am Florin Mirosnicencu and today I will present a couple of point about PHP. There is good and there is bad.

Yes I know that PHP is an established language and that a lot of people are using it. PHP7 has brought massive speed improvements and there are some rumors that PHP8 will bring even bigger changes. Even with all this activity, there are a small number of people that want to learn PHP in 2019. If you check google trends you for the php search term you will that there was a lot of interest around 2004, but it has been dwindling since then.

The good

  1. It’s really simple and easy to learn.
  2. There are a lot websites that use PHP in some form, so there are a lot of jobs that involve maintaing an existing project
  3. It allows you to develop features really fast.

The bad

  1. It’s really easy to write ugly code that works.
  2. There are people who hate PHP, because they have seen and dealt with a lot of code old spaghetti code.

The ugly

  1. It’s harder to find a job where you are developing new projects, compared to maintaining an existing one.
  2. You will probably earn less money for your experience if you have PHP in the job title.
PHP: the good, the bad and the ugly?